Life Sciences

Michael Ballantyne Consulting started out providing medical devices and services to the Japanese health community. Japan’s ageing population makes this an expanding and challenging arena to work in.

The emphasis now is on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to heighten the effectiveness of medical services and so complement the work of health professionals.

AI is already used in this capacity but has only scratched the surface in what it can achieve.

Data Solutions

Michael Ballantyne Consulting is committed to helping businesses exploit the data they collect whilst ensuring that data is kept safely.

The General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) is a particularly relevant area for MBC. It refers to Personal Data and applies to all organisations collecting and processing such data.

The lawful basis for processing Personal Information and addressing individual rights (in terms of transparency) is a critical aspect of GDPR. Accountability and governance are emphasised in meeting the principles of Data Protection. There is documentation to be prepared. And in certain circumstances, a Data Protection Officer (DPO) may be required.

Sales Solutions

Michael Ballantyne Consulting  specialises in developing, deploying and administering effective Sales Solutions for Small- and Medium-sized businesses. Our technologies of choice are Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Рboth leaders in their respective fields.

Identifying and tracking leads, defining the customer journey and communicating with your customers together with an impactful web and mobile internet presence are essential for success in this challenging business environment.